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Welcome to McKinney Firearms Training!

We provide Concealed Carry classes (CHL), firearms safety courses, introductory pistol classes, and private pistol instruction for residents of the Dallas, Texas, area.

The next open CHL (Concealed Carry) class is Sat, May 24, 2014. 
Class size is limited.
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We offer Texas Concealed Carry License (CHL) classes (limit 10 students), private handgun instruction, and pistol classes (limit 4 students), from the localities of Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Allen, Frisco, Anna, McKinney and nearby communities.

Concealed Carry classes (CHL) follow the state-mandated requirements. Classroom instruction requires approximately 5 hours, plus a short test, plus a trip to a local range for the shooting proficiency test. This is a no-fail course.

Pistol instruction is informal, but highly structured, and can include just a range session, or two hours of classroom time and a trip to a local range. At the range, you are only allowed to shoot under direct, personal supervision, until you feel comfortable. We specialize in teaching ladies, novices, students, seniors, anyone who is unfamiliar with or uncomfortable around handguns, or those who simply need fine-tuning of their skills.

For more details on the CHL class, please go here.

We follow NRA and DPS protocols, and we take handgun safety seriously.

Please see the Class Schedule, Sign up page, or contact us for custom scheduling.


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